• Hummus Bitahini $5.99

    The famous Mediterranean dip made with chickpeas, sesame past, lemon juice and garlic. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and served with pita bread.

  • Baba Ghanuje $6.99

    Flame smoked eggplant pureed with sesame, garlic and lemon juice. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and served with hot pita bread.

  • Mezza Plate $10.99

    Hummus, Baba Ghanuje, Falafel and Taboule. Served with hot pita bread.

  • Falafel $6.99

    A selected blend of beans, parsley scallions and mint, uniquely spiced and fried .served over mixed green and drizzled with a tahini sauce.

  • Safeha $4.99

    A mixed of Ground beef, onion, tomatoes and seasonings on dough baked as pizza style.

  • Lebneh $5.50

    Creamy yogurt cheese drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and served with hot pita bread.

  • Foul M'Damas $5.99

    Simmered fava beans with garlic, lemon juice, topped with parsley, onion, and tomato, sprinkled with olive oil.

  • Manaeesh Bel Zaatar $5.50

    Baked pita topped with a zaatar and a special spice mix, sprinkled with a sesame seed.

  • Grape Leaves $6.99

    Stuffed with rice, onions, parsley, tomato, mint, and special spices, cooked in a mix of olive oil and lemon juice.

  • Mousaka $6.50

    Seasoned eggplant with chickpeas, onions, garlic, and olive oil, baked with fresh tomato.

  • Hummus with Shawarma $7.50

    Hummus topped with chicken or beef shawarma.

  • Kibbeh $7.99

    Deep-fried ground beef shells combined with cracked wheat stuffed with mixture of sautéed minced meat and onions.

  • El Basha Beef Arayis $4.99

    Baked pita bread stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, chopped onions, herbs, and special spices with pomegranate extract.

  • Soup of the day $3.50

    Our famous lentil soup made daily fresh from the most ethnic’s spices and vegetable.